What We Do 

At Distinctive Strategies, we work with health care providers, vendors and other businesses to help them define their Vision/Mission and develop ways to become Distinctive in their business.

Differentiation of business is tremendously important. Customers want to know what makes your business different. Those businesses that continue to flourish are those that are not just different, but also Distinctive. To stand apart from the others and to provide solutions to your customers in a friendly, timely and efficient manner and to show respect for their needs is something that has become a cornerstone to all distinctive businesses.

At Distinctive Strategies, we will:

– Help you find the areas that set you apart and make you unique
– Build on the areas where improvement is needed
– Add value to your practice
– Increase Optical Profits
– Teach you how to Introduce new Technology and Services into your Practice
– Teach you how to Hire the correct staff and how to keep them

The Right Choice

Distinctive Strategies also offers courses that outline the process a business must implement to become Distinctive. We provide tools to help you along the journey to distinction, and metrics to evaluate your success as you grow.

Distinctive Strategies and Leadership was begun as a dream to help businesses find their passion and uniqueness to share with their customers. We look forward to helping your business become a business of distinction and better enable you to change your customers’ lives.